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A Relevant Quotation

December 22, 2003 - An important new book has just been published, Right to Exist, by Yaacov Lozowick. Dr. Lozowick is Director of Archives at Israel's Holocaust Museum, and the cover flap describes him as "a lifelong liberal and peace activist." Like this web site, Dr. Lozowick is not pro-settlements, and like this web site, he does not spare Israel from sharp criticism when he feels it is warranted. All the more reason to take seriously the following words:

"Irrespective of one's opinion of the settlers, they were civilians; they had been taking possession of land, not killing people; and as Israel had demonstrated in 1981, settlements can be dismantled. Dead civilians cannot be resurrected....

"Outsiders routinely view the religious extremists on both sides with distaste, and with a 'plague on both their houses' mentality they write off the entire conflict as the irrational antics of religious fanatics. Yet this seemingly rational and enlightened perspective totally disregards the fact that murderous violence against civilians is the hallmark of the Palestinian extremists; the hallmark of the settlers is the creation of settlements. Even a child, you would think, could see the moral difference."


Lozowick, Yaacov. Right to Exist: A Moral Defense of Israel's Wars. New York: Doubleday, 2003. Pp. 174, 179.

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