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It is a shame that people at large do not know about any of this.Right now, the liberal Protestant church seems in the business oftaking the Arab side and dismissing concerns about Jewish safety. Imust tell you that many of us in the Jewish community feel deeplybetrayed. And also that I feel the irresponsibility of the Protestantchurch in this regard is contributing to putting the entire world indanger. It is not only Jews who will be affected.

Now for the second article, from the Record. It mentioned only onestatement by a Muslim, very general and very misleading: "No religionpreaches hate and violence." This is a bold untruth. Hatred ispreached in the name of Islam all the time, from the highestauthorities within organized Islam. I can send you far more examplesthan you would have time to read.

The Christian Church may for the most part not care about Israel andthe Jews, as long as it finds some Muslim leaders who will talk tothem and who oppose terrorism in America. But it needs to startcaring. Because if no one speaks out against officially propagatedIslamic anti-Jewish hatred, the day will surely come when it reachescritical mass, and the consequences will be tremendous. We arealready being warned. The leader of Iran has said openly that Israelmust be destroyed. Meanwhile the world allows Iran to acquire nuclearweapons. And too many segments within the Christian Church arerepeating the historic error of disregarding the value of Jewish life.All these factors make for a lethal mix threatening to set off ablaze that will dwarf the great wars of the past, because today ourtechnology is so much more advanced.

I am sorry to sound so alarmist in this message. But people need tolisten. Not just for the sake of the Jews, but for the sake of theworld. The lives of everybody's children will be affected by the waythe world responds to the hatred preached in Islam's name. If wecontinue to turn a deaf ear, we - and especially our children - willpay a very high price.

I don't wish to sound entirely negative. To end on a good note, letme refer you to a personal experience I had, in which I was able to cross the Muslim-Jewish barrier. If only such things could happen on a larger scale. In the meantime, we are facing a tidal wave of incalculable destructive power - and we are looking the other way.

Thank you for being patient with me. Thank you for being so willingto listen. I consider you a very dear friend, and hope I have notimposed on your generosity. I wish you the very best for a Christmasfilled with joy and peace, for you and your family.



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Letter to a Christian Pastor

December 28, 2005 - The following is a letter I wrote to a Protestant minister who is also a friend and a man of integrity. I wrote it two months ago, but now that the Palestinian people have chosen a terrorist organization to govern them, the challenge to the world seems even more acute. Will the world listen, and how will it react?

Dear R,

It was most thoughtful and kind of you to send me the two articles onmoderate Islam. I greatly appreciate it. I do have much to say, andmuch of it isn't positive - please don't take it as any kind ofpersonal reflection; rather I am just very concerned about where theworld is headed right now. But to you I am very grateful.

Now for my reactions. First, the article from Time Magazine. I canonly applaud what Imam Mohamed Magid is doing. But unfortunately, itis not enough. As a Jew, I have a certain perspective on this issuethat most people do not share. However, the world needs to listen,because if Jews, and especially Israel, become centrally involved inthis conflict, the peace of the entire world will be shattered. Andit is bound to happen, if things continue as they are, even with thegood efforts of people like Imam Magid.

The problem is not what the Imam is doing. It is what he is notdoing. He speaks out against terrorism, but only terrorism againstAmerica. When American Muslims do this, it sounds self-serving, as ifto say, "See, we are loyal Americans, we oppose terrorism on Americansoil, so please do not suspect us or persecute us." Meanwhile many ofthese same Muslims - and I have seen it in print - excuse terrorismwhen Israel or even Jews anywhere are the target. This is completelyunacceptable.

To gain credibility with me, the Imam must be willing to publiclydenounce terrorism against Jews in general and against Israelicivilians in particular. Otherwise, I fail to be impressed, and seehim acting not out of love but only out of self-interest.

Why am I entitled to make this judgment? Because of all the virulentanti-Semitism being preached in the name of Islam from Islam's mostestablished and official sources. From the leaders of Shiite Islam inIran to the Imams of the Great Mosque in Mecca, there are calls forIsrael's destruction. There are calls for a war against the Jews.Regret is expressed that Hitler did not finish the job. Children aretold in school that the Koran teaches them to hate Jews, and that theKoran calls Jews "apes and pigs" (which it does). Such themes arerepeated over and over, from the most exaltedотујљњOPŒŽЩЪ   AB€‚ЗИюяјљњ/0…†ћїѓяычуплзгЯЫЧУПЛЗГЏЋЇЃŸ›—“‹‡ƒ{wsokg]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c&†‡ŒŽ–—˜žŸЅІЇЬЭЮдежйк9 : > ? B C J K O P S T ™ š н о   ћїѓяычуплзгЯЫЧУПЛЗГЏЋЇЃŸ›—“‹‡ƒ{wsokg]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c& b c œ  Ё Ђ Ѕ І ш щ - . q r Д Е љ њ = > ‚ ƒ Њ Ћ Џ А Г Д ѓ є 67|}ТУ ћїѓяычуплзгЯЫЧУПЛЗГЏЋЇЃŸ›—“‹‡ƒ{wsokg]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c& LM‘’Ÿ ЄЅЈЉъы)*mnЇЈЌ­АБѕі9:€УФJK‘вгћїѓяычуплзгЯЫЧУПЛЗГЏЋЇЃŸ›—“‹‡ƒ{wsokg]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c&гWXœрс"#deŠ‹“”еж[\žуф()Z[_`cdІЇћїѓяычуплзгЯЫЧУПЛЗГЏЋЇЃŸ›—“‹‡ƒ{wsokg]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c&Їьэ+,hi­ЎЯадеий`a Ёуф()ghЌ­ђѓ12xyЙК§ўћїѓяычуплзгЯЫЧУПЛЗГЏЋЇЃŸ›—“‹‡ƒ{wsokg]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c&ў"#'(+,opВГїј89}~”•™šžст !deІЇыь ћїѓяычуплзгЯЫЧУПЛЗГЏЋЇЃŸ›—“‹‡ƒ{wsokg]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c& $%()3489<=CDEFRST[\cdeћїѓяычуплзгЯЫЧУПЛЗГЏЋЇ]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]c]cч&Z[bcjk—˜жзпрчшIJO|ЯеноуњPŽЪ§ћљїѕѓёяэыщчхуспнлйзегбЯЭЫЩЧХУСПН!Ъ  B‚Ияљњ0†‡Ž—˜ŸІЇЭЮежк: ? C K P T š о  §ћљїѕѓёяэыщчхуспнлйзегбЯЭЫЩЧХУСПН! c  Ђ І щ . r Е њ > ƒ Ћ А Д є 7}У M’ ЅЉы*nЈ­Бі:€§ћљїѕѓёяэыщчхуспнлйзегбЯЭЫЩЧХУСПН!€ФK‘гXс#e‹”ж\žф)[`dЇэ,iЎаейa§ћљїѕѓёяэыщчхуспнлйзегбЯЭЫЩЧХУСПН!aЁф)h­ѓ2yКў#(,pГј9~•šžт!eЇь %)49§ћљїѕѓёяэыщчхуспнлйзегбЯЭЫЩЧХУСПН!9=DEFST\de§ћљїѕѓёяэ чeчe~џџџџџџџџA;K@ёџNormala "A@ђџЁ"Default Paragraph Fontаџ@ўџ џџџџ РFMicrosoft Word 6.0 Document MSWordDocWord.Document.6є9Вq