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Resisting Israeli Aggression

by Carlos

April 23, 2006 - For the second time in three months, a Palestinian suicide bomber struck the Rosh Ha'Ir fast food restaurant in Tel Aviv. It was Passover, ar lunch time, and the restaurant was filled with people. The bomb was packed with nails and shrapnel, and shattered windows of cars and nearby buildings. Nine people were killed and over 60 wounded.

But according to the new Palestinian government, this violence was justified. Spokesmen for Hamas not only refused to condemn the bombing, they called it a "legitimate response to Israeli aggression."

Let's take a look at the "Israeli aggressors":

Philip Balhasan  

Philip Balhasan, 45, immigrated to Israel from North Africa. He took the day off from his job at Agan Chemicals in Ashdod to spend it with his two youngest children on Passover. They went to the old Central Bus Station in Tel Aviv to buy CDs and computer games. They were passing by the restaurant when the bomb exploded. Balhasan used his body to shield the children. Just before he died he handed his cell phone to his son Uri, instructing him to "Call Mom and tell her there was an attack."

Pirosca Boda  

Pirosca Boda, 50, came to Israel from Romania five years ago to earn money to pay for her husband's cancer treatment. After her husband died she continued working to save money for her daughter's wedding. Boda worked as a caregiver for an elderly Holocaust survivor; the two women had become very close and spoke to each other in Hungarian. Given the day off for Easter, Boda went to Tel Aviv where she was killed in the blast.

Marcel Cohen  

Widowed at an early age, Marcel Cohen, 73, of Nice, France, raised her four children alone. She came to Israel to attend the wedding of one of her 11 grandchildren. She stayed to celebrate Passover with her son Menahem, who lives in Jerusalem. While visiting relatives in Netanya she went to spend the day in Tel Aviv when the bomber struck.

Victor Erez  

Victor Erez, 60, came to Israel from Libya when he was two years old. A veteran of the IDF, he lost a leg in a land mine exposion. He worked many years as a taxi driver in Tel Aviv, and had just stepped out of his cab when the bomber hit. He was devoted to his family, and celebrated the birth of a grandson just a few weeks ago.

Binyamin Haputa  

Binyamin Haputa, 47, was the security guard at the restaurant. He came to Israel with his family from Morocco in 1969. He was committed to his work. According to his sister Miriam, when asked if he was afraid of terrorists he would say that the terrorists should be afraid of him. Haputa discovered the bomb, causing the terrorist to detonate it prematurely. Though he and eight others were killed, Haputa saved many lives that day.

David Shaulov  

David Shaulov, 29, came to Israel 16 years ago with his family from Tashkent. He became a dental technician and opened his own laboratory. He has two children, and his wife Radmilla is due soon to give birth to a third. While she went to the hospital for a check-up, Shaulov went to his lab. He lost his life when he left for the restaurant on his lunch break.

Lily Yunes  

Lily Yunes, 43 ran a day care center. She and her family were looking forward to their future. They were out to buy equipment for the new business they were setting up for Lily's eldest sons. They stopped for lunch on the way. Lily's family was caught in the blast and her sons hospitalized. Her body was identified that night.

Ariel Darhi, 31, worked for an advertising firm. On weekends he earned extra money as a security guard. He lived with his mother and two brothers, and friends described him as a quiet person.

Rozalia Beseneyi, 48, was a close friend of Pirosca Boda and, like her, worked as a caretaker. About three years ago she came to Israel from Romania. She was helping to put her only son through computer engineering school, and hoped to return to Romania once he finished. Like Boda, she was very close to the elderly woman for whom she was caring. Beseneyi would tell her friends in Romania: "If my time comes to die, it can happen anywhere, either in Romania or in Israel."

These are the "Israeli aggressors" who the democratically elected Palestinian government has said deserve to die.

In the name of an unearned sense of victimhood one may claim anything.


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