Peace with Realism

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France, Guardian of Peace

"Do you want me to tell you, really, what France is worried about? How many boys, American boys, are going to die in Iraq."

- French Foreign Minister Dominique de Villepin in an American television interview, March 2, 2003

"This Napoleon guides and transcends. He has carried, ever since his fall, a certain idea of France, a superior vision of politics. His gesture inspires the spirit of resistance. . . . Victory or death, but glory whatever happens."

- Dominique de Villepin, from his book on Napoleon (Washington Post, February 24, 2003)

The usually suave and urbane de Villepin seemed rattled and edgy on a day when it was reported that French military parts - for warplanes and helicopters - had been shipped to Iraq in total violation of a U.N. ban.

A U.S. official said Powell, in a private meeting with de Villepin on the eve of yesterday's debate, told him "that we are aware of these illicit transactions and you're not taking the U.N. sanctions seriously."

- The New York Post, March 8, 2003

An intelligence official said the illegal spare-parts pipeline was discovered in the past two weeks and that sensitive intelligence about the transfers indicates that the parts were smuggled to Iraq as recently as January.

Other intelligence reports indicate that Iraq had succeeded in acquiring French weaponry illegally for years, the official said.

- The Washington Times, March 7, 2003

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