Peace with Realism

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Who's Using the Children?

And Iím gonna say, "OK, listen here, George. #1, you quit, and I demand, every time you get out there and say youíre going to continue the killing in Iraq to honor the fallen heroes by continuing the mission; you say, 'except Casey Sheehan.'

"And you say 'except for all the members of Goldstar Families for Peace' cuz we think not one drop of blood should be spilled in our familiesí names. You quit doing that. You donít have my permission."

- Cindy Sheehan speaking to the Veterans for Peace National Convention, August 5, 2005.

Qualls' frustration with the anti-war demonstrators erupted last week when he removed a cross bearing his son's name that was among hundreds the group had put up along the road to Bush's ranch.

Qualls called the protesters' views disrespectful to soldiers, and said he had to yank out two more crosses after protesters kept replacing them.

- "Bush Supporters Create Opposing camp: 'Fort Qualls' Built in Crawford to Counter Protesters' 'Camp Casey',", August 20, 2005.

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