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No Greater Honor

Palestinian first lady Suha Arafat tells an Arab language magazine this week that she'd gladly see her son become a suicide bomber in the intifada against Israel.

In fact, according to numerous published reports, Mrs. Arafat said "there would be no greater honor" than having her son blow himself to smithereens while strapped to a high explosive.

Alas, Suha Arafat doesn't have a son. How convenient.

But what about her daughter, Zahawa, with whom Mrs. Arafat lives in Paris, safely removed from the ongoing Mideast violence committed in her husband's name?

Surely Suha knows that two of the most celebrated recent suicide bombers were teenage daughters of other Palestinian women, girls not a whole lot older than 7-year-old Zahawa.

-, Tuesday, April 16, 2002

Fortunately for Suha,
no one thought to ask her that question.

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